Fertility Screening Package

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Embarking on your next adventure into parenthood together can be an exciting journey, and we understand the difficulties many couples have faced when trying to conceive. Here at the Asian Obstetrics and Gynaecological Centre, we offer a fertility screening package to help you kickstart your journey into parenthood:

Fertility Screening Price
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Comprehensive Blood Tests
Immune Status
STD / STI Status
Hormone Levels
Diagnostic Scan
Gender-Based Analytical Tests

What is a fertility screening?

A fertility screening is beneficial for couples who intend to start a family. Both you and your partner can get screened not only to check but also to learn more about your reproductive health.

What is the fertility screening for?

Specially curated for couples who plan to start a family but are unsure how or for couples who have been facing difficulties conceiving, this package aims to provide a holistic and comprehensive overview of your and your partner’s reproductive health.

What does the fertility screening package consist of?

  • Immune Status
    • An immune status test consists of HPVB, HPVC and rubella antibody tests to help test a couple’s immunity and narrow the root cause of fertility difficulties. 
  • STD/ STI Status 
    • Tests will be conducted for the detection of any sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or infections (STI), as the presence of an STD/ STI can directly or indirectly lead to infertility in both women and men. 
  • Hormone Levels 
    • Hormone levels can affect fertility rates, and checking the levels can help narrow down the possible cause of fertility challenges, along with the appropriate care plan. 
  • Gender-Based Analytical Test 
    • PAP Smear (Females): This test helps determine the overall reproductive health of the female while uncovering any underlying issues.
    • Semen Analysis (Males): This test helps to evaluate the volume and quality of the sperm needed to help conceive.